Why Choose Us?

Top Quality

Every car we work oo is somebody’s baby.  We strive to give our clients the best care, the best care and the best experience possible.
We love cars. We love working on cars.
We will understand what our customer wants ... and deliver that to them.
The Quality is in the Detaile.
We are mechanics. We are Craftsmen. We are artists.

Our Team has the Expetise

With hundreds of years of combined experience, our team bring the best expertise to each situation, to each car and to each client.
We are experts in Restoration
Communication starts with listening. Our first step is always to understand your desire and your expectations
We source the right parts for the job
Our work and craftmanship are second to none.

Professional Custom Car Services

Everything you need to bring you vision into reality

The Very Best in Restoration, Resto Rods, Custom Cars and Customer Servicee